Exaustec inox

Our enterprise and its assets

Exaustec inox counts with a big infrastructure, vehicles and cutting-edge technologies to better serving our customers. We produce aeolic and electric exhausting fans and stainless steel goods for industrial kitchens. Find our assets below:

More than 20 years of experience
A big infrastructure
Hypertherm and Hylong authorized distributors
Quality and warranty

Our products and services


Industrial automation

Exaustec inox sells Hylong welding machines, Hypertherm plasma sources and CNC portable cutting machines.


Industrial kitchens

Exaustec inox produces and commercializes several items for industrial kitchens, such as stove hoods, gas washers, refrigerators, cool water dosers, workbenches, storage racks, vats, grills e barbecue grills.


Photovoltaic technologies

Exaustec inox commercializes photovoltaic systems.


Ventilation and exhausting systems

Exaustec inox also commercializes ventilation systems comprising stove hoods, ducts, exhausting fans, insufflators, dampers, gas washers, etc.

Why should you ask for our services:

Years of experience

Some of our customers