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1What is an aeolic exhausting fan?
A metallic, turning device that enables the air exchange inside a piece by means of pressure difference, without using electricity. Its installation shall be done on the highest point of the roof for better efficiency.
2How to equip an industrial kitchen?
Some items are crucial, such as: Ovens, fryers, charbroiler, grills; Workbenches, storage racks, refrigerators; Exhausting and insufflations systems comprising: stove hood, ducts, exhausting fans, insufflators. Some others are recommended: gas washers, grease trap.
3What is a gas washer?
It is an equipment used for retaining the grease from the cooking system and avoiding it to be released in the environment. The most common models are the stove hood gas washer and the gas washer box.
4When should I clean or perform maintenance?
Some equipments must be cleaned daily, such as ovens, grills e workbenches. Others require periodic maintenance in order to avoid inscrustation, obstruction and efficiency loss. Recommended maintanance: Exhausting system: each 3 months Cooking equipments: each 6 months Exaustec inox does not provide maintenance services.