Exaustec Inox


Exaustec is a versatile company that invests in machinery and personnel to offer the best service in metals. Counting with Durmazlar CNC machines for cutting and folding, CNC machine for plasma cutting, folding machines, guillotines and several other exclusive production systems, we have:

  • Products for industrial kitchens such as cookers (stainless steel and carbon steel with electrostatic painting), air cleaners, air curtains, refrigerated counters, ice water dispensers, flat and tub benches, tables, shelves, cabinets, deep fryers, Richauds;
  • Products for commercial establishments, such as handrails, wheelchairs, sinks, drinking fountains, grab bars;
  • Ventilation systems for small and large demands, such as networks of cubic ducts or cylinders in various materials, bathroom exhaust, exhaust wind (independent of energy for operation);
  • Residential and commercial barbecues;
  • Miscellaneous articles and utensils for baking and supermarkets.

The ready service to the needs of the client is confirmed through the variety of services provided by the company. We already manufacture fermenters and oil crackers, for example.

It is worth mentioning that we also manufacture wind and electric exhaust fans (axial and centrifugal), scrubbers, gutters, grids, rafos, diffusers, frames for facades and services of cutting and folding in stainless steel.

We also market Hypertherm plasma sources and portable plasma cutting CNC machines.


Industrial automation

Exaustec inox sells Hylong welding machines, Hypertherm plasma sources and CNC portable cutting machines.


Industrial kitchens

Exaustec inox produces and commercializes several items for industrial kitchens, such as stove hoods, gas washers, refrigerators, cool water dosers, workbenches, storage racks, vats, grills e barbecue grills.


Photovoltaic technologies

Exaustec inox commercializes photovoltaic systems.


Ventilation and exhausting systems

Exaustec inox also commercializes ventilation systems comprising stove hoods, ducts, exhausting fans, insufflators, dampers, gas washers, etc.