Exaustec Inox


The aeolic exhausting fan Exaustec works with the difference of pressure, increasing the comfort of a given piece by enabling air renovation and casting away heaten, dustful, wet and smelly air.

Our exhausting fan is the only one in the Brazilian market with a full automatization of all of its production steps. The employed technologies have been developed in loco. The singular quality of the aeolic exhausting fan Exaustec is due to its rigorous quality control process at each step, and to the increasing efforts to increase its efficiency and aerodynamics, and to ease its installation.

Some other characteristics of the aeolic exhausting fans Exaustec are:

  • Ease of assembly, resulted from the precision of the parts, derived from the electronic control during the production steps with little human intervention;
  • Mechanical resistance due to the well designed structure;
  • Durability, resulting from the efforts on using high technology and rigorous quality control;
  • Sustainability, given that the aeolic exhausting fan Exaustec is made of recyclable materials and its use does not require electricity. Therefore, it is a technology that respects the environment.

The aeolic exhausting fan is made of:

  • Structured aerodynamic disc of galvanized steel;
  • Flippers made of aluminum with special alloy;
  • Base made of galvanized steel without welding, preventing leakage;
  • Carbon steel structure;
  • 1045 alloy steel shaft;
  • Two armored ball bearings.
  • It has an excellent cost-benefit ratio, since the installation does not require specialized workforce and the need for maintenance is rare and simple to carry out.

    Our aeolic exhausting fans have an important feature:they are the only ones whose disassembled pieces of 10 unities can fit inside a box of 1,0 x 1,0 x 0,2m, or 20cm³, leading to lower transportation costs.

    EXAUSTEC, through its facilities, has a production capacity of 200 units / day. That being so, it is certain that we will be able to serve you promptly.